Watch Nigeria is a platform that warehoused real-time information on the state of the church and its members in Nigeria. It aims to study and analyse collated data and information for proper interpretation and action by concerned stakeholders.  This includes having the different churches sharing information across denominational barriers by documenting all incidences of attacks on communities, churches, and other places. 

The Nigerian Christian community has suffered monumental loss both in human lives and properties since the start of terrorism in the Northeast and the Middlebelt in the past decade. In order to give credence to the unimaginable daily occurrence of these unprovoked violence which many zero down to Fulanisation agenda, Watch Nigeria, an NGO, decided to provide a statistical web portal to help in documentation of these crimes against humanity across Nigeria.

The platform further registers all victims of attacks, including being an early warning system that others can depend on. Watch Nigeria is powered and owned by different churches in Nigeria.

The iReport platform provides authorised persons the tools needed to file their observations to the central repository for sharing with local and international bodies like some organs of the United Nations tasked with compilation of these atrocities.