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The Nigerian Christian community has suffered monumental loss both in human lives and properties since the start of terrorism in the Northeast and the Middlebelt in the past decade. In order to give credence to the unimaginable daily occurrence of these unprovoked violence which many zero down to Fulanisation agenda, Watch Nigeria, an NGO, decided to provide a statistical web portal to help in documentation of these crimes against humanity across Nigeria.

The iReport platform provides authorised persons the tools needed to file their observations to the central repository for sharing with local and international bodies like some organs of the United Nations tasked with compilation of these atrocities.

Early Warning System

As Nigerians, the safety of our dear country is everyone's business and our brothers' keeper we should all be. Help Watch Nigeria with early warning signs of looming violence for the age-old dictum that a stitch in time saves nine is timelessly true.

If there's an evolving sign that something ugly could be in the making, use our early warning form to notify us ASAP.


What We Do


At Watch Nigeria, we devout good chunk of time in observation of the areas where security or related challenges exists.


After observation, reporting the observed patterns follows for it to act as a reference for future analysis...


Watch Nigeria's analysis team scour through the big data collated and after the application of statistical regression to understand patterns, the final output is stored...


The documentation department prepares the analysed data in usable formats and sends them to our international partners for study...





States Covered


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